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Marlon was born in a village on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, on the south coast of Guatemala, from home the sound of the waves were listened all the time, he lived there until the age of 11 and studied elementary school, where he learned of life in rural areas of his country

At the age of 11 he, his parents, his brother and three sisters moved to the center of Guatemala, near Guatemala City in search of opportunities, there he learned that his favorite place was not the city, but the countryside

At the age of 12 in January 1997, his family moved north in search of opportunity and settled in San Benito, Peten, a town of 35,000 inhabitants where he first visited the majestic archaeological city of Tikal buried in the jungle and escorted by many wild animals, that first experience aroused the curiosity to learn the origin of that city and explained who built it

In San Benito, Marlon studied high school in an occupational institute with orientation to Agriculture, where he learned that agriculture were fascinating, but not to devote his physical effort to such activities

In 1999 at the age of 15 years, with the financial support of his older brother, Marlon had to decide what to study at the pre university level, interest in the Mayan civilization, led him to be fascinated by Expert in Tourism, which curriculum has 40% of courses related to Mayan archaeology and they also teach English as a second language, there is where Marlon learned the grammar of the English language

To support the family economy, while Marlon studying in the evenings, worked in the mornings as a salesman in a micro business selling basic grains owned by his mother in the market of Santa Elena, Petén

At age of 16 and Marlon obtained his first driver's license, Marlon started to work in the morning as a taxi driver in a micro business of taxis owned by his father in the market of San Benito, Peten, there Marlon becomes an expert driver of vehicles, his age and enthusiasm, made quickly many customers

In 2002 at when he was18 years old, after graduating from Expert in Tourism, Marlon became a tour guide at the same time he started studied every Saturday the English language in a private school owned by a missionary from the United States who taught English in town, while Marlon invested all his free time studying US films, thus he learned to communicate in this language and started working as a tour guide in English and the interaction with visitors from around the world, led him to understand various accents

In 2004, for his curiosity to learn more about the culture, his natural environment and because of his desire of success, he chose to study at university the career Tourism Business Administration, which curriculum is 40% courses of archaeology, 30% are courses about nature and 30% are management courses

In 2007 after graduating from college, he was given the position of operations manager in a company of great prestige called Aventuras Mayas, a position he held for eight years, which gave Marlon the opportunity to work with a team of 12 dependents, to manage a fleet of 10 vehicles and above all know the qualities and virtues of the other guides and tourism service providers in Guatemala and Belize

At the same time Marlon continued his studies at the university, graduating in 2010 of a degree in Administration of  Tourist Resources, this program is very similar to the previous, but higher academically and necessary to qualify for a master's degree, as auto graduation gift, Marlon decided to take a dental cleaning which is done in one day in a dentist office, arriving at the clinic, he was fascinated by the beauty of the young secretary at the clinic, the same day he signed a contract for two years to take an unnecessary orthodontic treatment to have the opportunity to reach there several times and become better familiar with the beautiful young secretary. Intentionally he forgot the date of the next appointment to call or appear to ask the date again, soon they began to go out for dinner, six months later Marlon got her to accepted to be his girlfriend and in 2012 they married, the name of the beautiful princess is Evelin Sosa

In 2012, Marlon also completed his studies in Master of Education with Orientation to Environment, as Marlon understood that the needs of the planet in relation to the environment needed attention and that sustainable tourism is a good option for solutions

In 2014, Marlon finished building his house, which architecture is ecological and modern, the house has extra spaces to use some rooms as air-conditioned hotel and offer visitors a cultural exchange, months after moving home was born his first daughter, her name is Camila Sofia, who is now the joy of the house

At the end of 2014, was presented the opportunity to start with his other great dream, start his own business in ecotourism, Evelin and Marlon called the business EM Guatemala Travel, the “E” because of Evelin his wife and the “M” because of Marlon, then when the business grew up, the name changed to GEM TRIPS, where G signifies Guatemala or Global, E means the love of his life Evelin and the M means his name, currently they offer private transfers, rooms with air conditioning, food for guests, private tours throughout Guatemala and Belize, packed breakfasts or lunches to take to remote tours and excellent guides of Guatemala and Belize.