04:30 Tikal Sunrise from hotels in Tikal

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At dawn Tikal becomes a magical place, with the sound of birds and mammals, even though sometimes the mist don't let see the sun, the experience is extraordinary.

Enjoy of Tikal in a great way, guided tour through virgin jungle paths, visiting the major archaeological maya buildings, some of them can be climbed as the tallest maya construction: Temple of the Double-Headed Serpent, with 212 feet high. Tikal is cultural and natural UNESCO site.

Tikal National Park encompasses 576 square kilometres of jungle and thousands of ruined structures.

Tikal grew into an important ceremonial, cultural, and commercial centre over the centuries. Most of the city’s huge temples were constructed during the eighth century AD when Tikal became the greatest city in the Maya world with a population of perhaps 120,000.

The Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, the Guatemalan Institute of Anthropology and History restored Tikal’s structures during the 1950s and 1960s. More recently the cooperation of Spain has donated resources to restore some other structures. Today Tikal is to Guatemala what the Great Pyramids are to Egypt, a national symbol and a source of pride in the past.

The Temple of the Grand Jaguar (Temple I) and the Temple of the Masks (Temple II) loom like a pair of colossal bookends of opposite sides of the Great Plaza, a vast expanse ringed by terraces, palaces and ball courts.

Temple I rises some 48 meters above the plaza’s eastern end. A stone stairway leads up the pyramids’s nine tiers, corresponding to the nine levels of the Mayan underworld.



Your hotel in Tikal



Your hotel in Tikal



Packed breakfast or energy bars

Best walking shoes
Rain coat
Water bottle
Best clothing for warm weather




Tour Guide in Tikal



a. Transfers (we start and end walking at the lobby of your hotel, if you are staying at a hotel outside Tikal, please let us know to send you a customized  itinerary)

b. Meals 
c. Entry fees 
i. Tikal sunrise Q100  per person
ii. Tikal day ticket Q150  per person
Note: You can buy your entry fees to Tikal directly at Banrural or if that is too complicated, We can buy your Tikal tickets for you, We will need your name, last name and passport number for that, then you pay those to us when we meet.  



For this tour of sunrise you must acquire a ticket of sunrise with value of Q100 which allows you to be in the ruins area until 7:30 am, also you must acquire for this day a ticket of the day with the value of Q150, any Banrural agency or at the entrance to the park at least the day prior, as the ticket sales in the park open at 6 am and the tour begins at 4:30 am and ends after 10:00 a.m. Only local cash is accepted to pay for tickets.


Only people of 13 years old and older pay the park entrance fee


The entrance to the Tikal museum is 30 GTQ, an entrance is valid for the two museums in the park and must buy at the entrance to the park


For this tour it is important to pack something to eat or order a day before a breakfast to take at your hotel, as it takes energy to develop the walk.


*) Bring plenty of bottled drinking water and sunscreen. The Peten has a tropical climate similar to that of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. 
**) There are also no ATM’s in Tikal so make sure to bring enough cash with you.

***) We do not guarantee see the sun, because of the weather, we see the sunrise only 10% of the times, however, it is very interesting to enjoy the awakening of the jungle.


From USD 49.99

Book Now! Inquire Booking

PDF Facts

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The activity begins when we meet you at the lobby of your hotel inside Tikal, can be Jungle Lodge, Jaguar Inn or Tikal Inn

We start the walk from the lobby of your hotel.

Visit Complex Q

Visit and climb Temple of the Double Headed Serpent (IV)

Explore The Lost World Complex, used as astronomic observatory

Walk by Temple of the Jaguar Priest (III)

Climb Temple of the Masks (II)

Visit The Great Plaza

Visit North Acropolis

Visit Temple of the Great Jaguar (I)

Explore Central Acropolis

We end at the walking tour and activity at the lobby of your hotel in Tikal


Complex Q
Temple of the Double Headed Serpent (IV)
The Lost World
Temple of the Jaguar Priest (III)
Temple of the Masks (II)
The Great Plaza
North Acropolis
Temple of the Great Jaguar (I)
Central Acropolis


  1. Tikal Inn
  2. Jaguar Inn
  3. Jungle Lodge
  4. Tickets check point
  5. Complex Q
  6. Temple of the Double Headed Serpent (IV)
  7. The Lost World
  8. Temple of the Jaguar Priest (III)
  9. Temple of the Masks (II)
  10. The Great Plaza
  11. North Acropolis
  12. Temple of the Great Jaguar (I)
  13. Central Acropolis