11:55 Tikal Sunset Private Tour from Tikal

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From USD 188

The guide communicates efficiently with all guests. During the tour, the guide accompanies you to climb the monuments to explain the most important details while you are above the monuments. We take you to the best spots to take pictures at the right times, this is ideal for photographers.


Tikal will always seem to be only for us because we make the tour in a different way to be in the right place at the right time. Tikal at that time has few visitors and the temperature is getting cooler.


We developed the sunset tour because our guests deserve to see Tikal when, as at sunrise, wildlife is more active, the sunset is seen 80% of times, but our customers always enjoy the sounds of daytime wildlife when it goes to sleep.





The activity starts when we pick you up at your hotel in Tikal at 11:55 am


Lunch and souvenirs market at Restaurante del Parque at 12:00 pm


The walk starts at Restaurante del Parque at 13:00




The walk and activity ends at the lobby of your hotel in Tikal at 19:00



  • The best walking shoes

  • Rain cover just if in case

  • The best clothes for hot weather

  • Backpack to pack water bottles that we’ll provide

  • Flashlight (or just the phone flashlight)



  • Professional bilingual tour guide in Tikal

  • Several Bottles of water 

  • Lunch at Restaurante del Parque

  • Tikal Map

  • Mosquito Repellent Application



  • Sunset and Day Entry fees to Tikal for a total of US$34 only payable for guests 10 year old and older. Available in advance, we pay those for you and you reimburse during the service, just send us a list of names, last names and ages.




When booking online you make a confirmation payment of 10%




The balance payment of 90% please pay during the service with the following options where A is the one we prefer more and C the one we prefer less:


a. Using Guatemalan quetzales at the official exchange rate of the day shown at www.banguat.gob.gt


b. Credit or debit card, there is an automatic surcharge between 1% and 4% depending on your bank


c. With US dollars, make sure your dollars are in perfect condition, because our national bank system will not accept them if they have marks or any damage


d. With euros, at the exchange rate marked on www.bancoazteca.com.gt




a. Distance

We will walk approximately 4 to 5 miles during this tour, but not consecutively. The longest walk between two stops is approximately 20 minutes.


b. Wear

i. Use whatever makes you feel comfortable.

ii. Our tours is walking, so be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes, especially on rough terrain.

iii. Bring your camera! We love to take photos, we can show you the best places to take photos.




*) There are no ATMs in Tikal, so be sure to bring enough cash with you if you want to buy souvenirs


**) We do not guarantee to see the sunset, the weather allows you to see sunset only 80% of times, however, it is very interesting to enjoy the sounds of the daytime fauna when it goes to sleep


***) We will provide lunch around 12:00 pm before starting the walk. Also several bottles of water, there will be a peanut bottle available in the guide's backpack at any time.

From USD 188

Book Now! Inquire Booking

PDF Facts

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11:55 The activity starts when we pick you up at your hotel in Tikal 


12:00 You pack in their backpacks enough bottles of water for the whole afternoon available in the cooler of our vehicle, our driver introduces you to your guide at Restaurante Del Parque, where we’ll have lunch. Then you’ll have time to see the souvenirs market in the same building.


13:00 The guided walk starts at Restaurante del Parque and walking tour as follows


Temple VI visit


Walk through the Palace of the Grooves


We visit the Grand Plaza with Temple I, Temple II, Central Acropolis and North Acropolis.


Temple V visit


Walk by the South Acropolis


Visit of the Seven Temples Square


Visit of the Lost World complex


We climb the great pyramid for the sunset


We walk back


19:00 The guided tour and activity ends at the lobby of your hotel in Tikal


  • Totally private, premium tour visiting the best spots to photograph the monuments

  • Extensive tour, with enough time and flexibility, excellent for photographers

  • Entry fees available in advance, we pay those for you, just send us a list of names, last names and ages

  • Guided tour, Excellent English-Spanish bilingual guide with deep knowledge of local history, flora and fauna and with service attitude, giving meaning to each monument visited

  • Bottles of water, lunch at Restaurante del Parque included (gluten-free and vegan options)


  1. Your hotel in Tikal
  2. Restaurante del Parque
  3. Temple VI
  4. Palace of Grooves
  5. Grand Plaza
  6. Temple V
  7. South Acropolis
  8. Plaza of Seven Temples
  9. Lost World
  10. Great Pyramid
  11. Restaurante del Parque
  12. Your hotel in Tikal