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Enjoy Tikal in a great way, guided tour through virgin jungle paths, visiting the major archaeological maya buildings, some of them can be climbed as the tallest maya construction: Temple of the Double-Headed Serpent, with 212 feet high. Tikal is cultural and natural UNESCO site. Tikal National Park encompasses 576 square kilometres of jungle and thousands of ruined structures. Tikal grew into an important ceremonial, cultural, and commercial centre over the centuries. Most of the city’s huge temples were constructed during the eighth century AD when Tikal became the greatest city in the Maya world with a population of perhaps 120,000. The Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, the Guatemalan Institute of Anthropology and History restored Tikal’s structures during the 1950s and 1960s. More recently the cooperation of Spain has donated resources to restore some other structures. Today Tikal is to Guatemala what the Great Pyramids are to Egypt, a national symbol and a source of pride in the past. The Temple of the Grand Jaguar (Temple I) and the Temple of the Masks (Temple II) loom like a pair of colossal bookends of opposite sides of the Great Plaza, a vast expanse ringed by terraces, palaces and ball courts. Temple I rises some 48 meters above the plaza’s eastern end. A stone stairway leads up to the top of the pyramid with nine platforms, corresponding to the nine levels of the Mayan underworld.   Some Initial information   a. You can take a taxi from your hotel to the border or the public bus, if you have a rented car, we recommend to drive your rental car to the border, if this is the case when you arrive to the border, you can park your vehicle at the only parking lot that you see there, it is the parking lot of Belize Immigrations and they have cameras and guards all the time, sometimes they charge U$2.5 for the car parking lot b. First you have to keep a line to pay US$20 as departure tax from Belize, you can use your credit card for that if you wish, but it is easier and faster if you pay cash c. Then on the same line hall, you have to keep a line to stamp your passport to leave Belize d. Our guide will be waiting for you at the end of the Belize Immigrations Line Hall, so our guide will be waiting on the Belize side of the border e. He will be standing with a sign of your name f. At your arrival he will request to see your passport g. Then our guide will assist you with the Guatemalan immigrations stamps h. For exchanging money, the best option is to request some quetzales to your bank in your country, the second option is to stop at a ATM at the border town with a debit card with a chip on it i. To cross the border if you are a North American or European Citizen, you only need your passport, to pay the tax mentioned on number 4 and nothing else   PICK UP 08:00 The adventure starts at Belize Customs at Benque Viejo del Carmen 10:00 The walk starts in the Tikal parking lot   DROP OFF 15:00 The walk ends in the Tikal parking lot 17:00 We finish at Belize Customs at Benque Viejo del Carmen   THINGS TO BRING Best walking shoes Rain coat Water bottle Best clothing for warm weather   INCLUSIONS a. Professional English Speaking Guide b. Transfers with air conditioning Border / Tikal / Border c. Help with border crossing d. Help with exchange money needed to pay park tickets, etc.   EXCLUSIONS a. Exit tax of Belize (US$20 p/p) b. Entry fee to the park (GTQ150 p/p of 12 years or more) c. Food and drink   ADDITIONAL INFO Adult tickets for foreigners cost 150 GTQ(about $21 USD). US Dollars are not accepted to pay the entry fees. Children 12 yo and younger can enter Tikal free of charge. Entry fee to the Museums of Tikal is 30 GTQ, One entrance is payed for the two museum of the park and you must pay tickets at the entrance of the park. There are several options for lunch; price goes from $8 USD to $15 USD per person.   Notes: *) Bring plenty of bottled drinking water and sunscreen. The Peten has a tropical climate similar to that of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. **) There are also no ATM’s in Tikal so make sure to bring enough cash with you from Melchor de Mencos, the border town

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