From San Ignacio, Tikal 1 day Tour

Guided tour through virgin forest trails, visiting the main archaeological buildings, some of them can be climbed as one of the highest Mayan constructions: the temple of the double-headed serpent, with 212 feet high.   Tikal is a World Heritage Site, both Cultural and Natural, it covers 222 square miles of jungle and about 10,000 structures in ruins. Tikal became an important ceremonial, cultural and commercial center over the centuries. Most of the great temples of the city were built during the 8th century AD, when Tikal became the largest city in the Mayan world with a population of perhaps 200,000.   The Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, the Guatemalan Institute of Anthropology and History restored the structures of Tikal during the 1950s and 1960s. More recently, the cooperation of Spain has donated resources to restore some other structures.   Today Tikal is for Guatemala what the great pyramids are for Egypt, a national symbol and a source of pride in the past. Temple I rises about 157 feet above the eastern end of the Great Plaza. A stone staircase leads up to the pyramid of nine levels, corresponding to the nine levels of the Mayan underworld. SOME INITIAL INFORMATION It will be a pleasure for our selected team of guides to offer you this tour, they know a lot about local history, flora and fauna. We will pick you up at your hotel in San Ignacio for transportation to and from Tikal. On the Guatemalan side, our guide will assist you in the immigrations check, on the Belizean side only our Belizean driver will be in charge, our guide starts and ends at the border in the no man's land between both immigrations desks To exchange money, the best option is to request quetzales from your bank in your country, the second option is to stop at an ATM at the border town Melchor de Mencos with a debit or credit card with a chip on it, the third option is to exchange with the money exchangers available at the border. There are no ATMs in Tikal, so make sure to bring the necessary cash with you from the border town To cross the border, if you are a US or European citizen, you only need your passport, pay the exit tax of Belize of US $ 20 p / p (only passengers from 13 years old and up pay this tax) and nothing else. If you are from another nationality, please check online at to know if you need a visa to visit Guatemala.

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